Holding on……Loosely

June 1, 2007

Hang on tight?  That’s what you usually hear ……right? 

You’re the “make it happen”, hold on for the ride type of person aren’t you?

You probably have a plan, working the plan, and planning on succeeding……right?

What if God changes your plans?   Are you still okay with that?

There are ebbs and flows of how God chooses to interact in our lives, and I for one, am usually ebbing with I should be flowing.  Just about the time that I think I have it down, God throws a monkey wrench in my well conceived plan.

My plan.

The one I so masterfully designed, manipulated and elegantly put in place.  I mean….what could He be thinking?

There have been a few times in my life when God has whispered these words into my ears,  “Hold on to things loosely“.

To me that means, that He has a plan that right now, I don’t understand……but will soon. 

So my white knuckled clench is loosening.  My shoulders are starting to drop from there tensed position.  The corners of my mouth are starting to turn back upward.  All of this because I know that its my job to trust Him, its His job to run the universe.

Ahhhh…. My job just got easier.


4 Responses to “Holding on……Loosely”

  1. Sir Says:

    Sometimes our desires are not His, especially if we are doing it to please man.

  2. Amy James Says:

    You should write a song about that… “hold on loosely… but don’t let go…” oh – nevermind.

    C’mon – you knew SOMEONE would say it!

  3. Rod Pearcy Says:

    I knew it, you move to Nashville and youve become a country song writer. It happens to everybody.

    But its not a half bad idea for a song….youre right.

  4. Amy James Says:

    Yeah – too bad 38-Special already did it.

    But it’s due for an update… and a different “message.” Go for it, Pearcy.

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