More like a knife, less like a saw.

June 3, 2007

Pastor Bob left this weekend to attend the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conferencein So. California.  Next week he will be hanging with several hundred Senior Pastors from all over the world.  It’s a very unique time that happens only once a year. 

Not only do you get to hear what everybody else is doing, you get to hear how your ministry is effecting them.  Its always an encouraging time when Bob hears that churches from all over are either using his teaching series, listening to him on radio or watching him on television.

We are in a season of evaluating our effectiveness in all the ministries that we participate in.  We really want to be more like a knife and less like a saw.  Both do the same work, but the knife is more exacting, …..dividing the bone from the marrow if you will.

Less hacking, more carving.


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