June 8, 2007

We have a new series coming out called What’s True.  This excerpt is called “Whats Strength?”   Let me know what you think.

This video doesn’t exist

3 Responses to “”

  1. Rudy Garrido Says:

    That was awesome!

    You guys should do a Podcast of this stuff.

    What do you guys use to edit? Avid, Premier, Final Cut, Vegas?

    What about the effects? After Effect? Motion?

    It came out great. How many man hours do you think it took to pull this off?

    Rod you gotta submit this video here…


    It’ll win for sure.

  2. rod pearcy Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. We have several of these videos and BobJamz that we are going to get out in different formats (youtue,podcast,, etc.)
    bob likes the new stuff.
    we use final cut and after effects.
    3he buzz conf. is a great idea.

  3. Amy James Says:

    Really, reallllllly awesome!! Y’all rock.

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