A New Holiday

September 7, 2007

Several years ago the Pearcy house officially added the Super Bowl to the short list of National Holidays.  We do it up big.  Its important to us.

Its now official…..we have added the opening day of the NFL to the list.  And so has the rest of America.  Did you see that opening show?  John Melloncamp, Faith Hill, and That American Idol Chick….(whats her name?).  They really did it up! 

The city of Indianapolis really did a great job in welcoming their world champions back!  Congrats Indy!

Peyton Manning and the Colts (sounds like a sixties soul group), left no question unanswered….they are still great.

I know Ive been heavy on the football posts this week……….Ill get too more “serious” things………..later.


One Response to “A New Holiday”

  1. bryonm Says:

    From all the chatter I’ve read on blogs out there, foot ball IS a serious topic… 🙂

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