Direction Perception

September 14, 2007

In Cub Scouts, I learned how to use a compass.  It wasn’t a very good one.  I had to hold it very still for the needle to stop moving back and forth, finally pointing north.  Even though my cheap compass made true north seem like more of a “concept” than a unchanging fact, once I knew where it was, I could determine which direction I needed to go.

Once we know where we are headed, all we really have to do is get there.

Sounds easy enough.

The problem is, there are many things that distract us along the way.

Trees might block our view, mountains might make us take a temporary detour, and bodies of water cause us to take another vehicle.

The destination never changes… remains constant.

At times it appears that we can’t see the goal, are going the wrong direction, or didnt think that we would have to get there…..”this way”.

A good leader not only knows the destination, but realizes that the journey is rarely a straight line, rarely always visible, and never easy.

Can you see your goal?

Are you on course?

Are you in the best vehicle to get you there?


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