Kiffin is the New Gruden

September 14, 2007

Lane KiffinFor the first time since our blessed holy father John Gruden left Oakland, there is joy in Oaktown.

Kiffin……Boy Wonder…..Son of Monte……has rallied the troops, and stands at the helm of the Ghost Ship Autumn Wind. 

All that he is missing is a “bristling black mustache”.

Its only a matter of time until his first win.  It will come.  The spirit has returned, if not the mystique.

It too, will soon prowl the sideline.

Raider Nation, The Black Hole, Just Win Baby, Commitment to Excellence…. terms that the rest of the NFL will begin to blow the dust from,  and which the sound of will soon echo across the land.

At least at the Pearcy house.


One Response to “Kiffin is the New Gruden”

  1. Rudy Garrido Says:

    All I got is… Same old Dolphins :sigh:

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