Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

September 17, 2007

So close ……yet so far away.   The Raiders were a milisecond from victory when the hated Mike Shanahan called a time out….just in time to have to re-kick the winning field goal.

Positive take aways-

1. Josh McKown is a fighter.  With a cracked finger on his throwing hand and a bum foot, he never gave up and took the lead.

2. Lane Kiffin is the real deal.  He had the team prepared to go into the most hostile of territories for a Raider ………and play very well.

3. Lamar Jordan- 158 yrds against the Denver defense.  Awesome.


1. Jerry Porter is a wimp.  He didnt even try to lay out to catch a sure touchdown, AND he didnt fight for the ball when the defender took it away from him.  No wonder he gets himself in the doghouse.

2. Turnovers and Penalties…..still too many.


The Silver and Black are on their way back.  But they arent there yet!

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