After Further Review….

October 9, 2007

Do you ever wish you could have done things differently? 

Hopefully we can live AND learn.

From time to time, Ill think of something that I wished I’d done….or not done.

Here’s one:

I wished that I would have been more verbal about my stand on things instead of always being the peacemaker.   Ive always been like that.  Always trying to end conflict. 

What about you?


2 Responses to “After Further Review….”

  1. Rudy Garrido Says:

    I wish the Dolphins would have kept Culpepper. 🙂

    And I wish I would have invested in Apple Stock when Pastor Pedro purchased his first one and kept going on about it. The stock was at $8 back then. Arg!

  2. bryonm Says:

    me, too. but the opposite 🙂

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