After Further Review

November 10, 2007

At halfway through the season here are some things that I thought (or hoped) would be different.

1. I thought that Brett Favre would be embarrassing himself in his last season.

2.I hoped that Lane Kiffin would have the Raiders at least at a competitive level.

3. I thought that the Patriots scheme of hiring a bunch of stars would backfire on them and ruin their “team” concept.

4. I thought that Peyton Manning would make my fantasy team a “shoe in” for first place.

5. I thought that Randy Moss would stink as bad as he did with the Raiders.

6. I thought that Ladanian Tomlinson would be in every highlight show.

7. I thought that Trent Green was going to be that quarterback that reminded Miami of the glory days.

8. I thought that when I bought my tickets to the Thanksgiving day game in Atlanta, that Micheal Vick would be up against Peyton Manning.

9. I thought that Adrian Peterson was going to be a bust  due to his lingering foot injury that was bothering him around draft time.

10. I thought that Jamarcus Russell would be well on his way to becoming the best quarterback in Raider history.

Oh well…..what do I know.


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