Skylar Loves Football

March 11, 2008


1.With Roy Williams of the Lions

2.Hall of Famer Harry Carson

3. Asking Shawn Alexander a question

4. Adam Vinatieri

5. Bob Sanders from the Colts

6. Gary Brackett from the Colts

7. Brant Gumbel- Announcer

8. Adam Schefter- Announcer from the NFL Network

9. Coach Dungy

10 and 11. Skylar Running for a touchdown!


2 Responses to “Skylar Loves Football”

  1. Rod Says:

    you met theat many players.

  2. Heather Bromley Says:

    Hi, I love your pictures!!!! GGGGGGGGooooooooo
    Raiders………. Skylar you know some pretty famous people, can I have a picture with you????

    PS… The last two pic’s with you running touch down, I bet you’ll be faster than Emmit Smith….. heather

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