Jet Brett

August 7, 2008

Check it to the Jets!
Check it to the Jets!

Some things aren’t supposed to change. 

Oreo’s are always Black and White
Thanksgiving is on a Thursday
Its Hot in the Summer…and
Brett Favre wears Green and Gold
There is something about Brett Favre going to the Jets that is both frightening and exciting.  Frightening to think that an icon that we have become so familiar with as a Packer, is now shaking our world as a Jet, but exciting to see that our middle aged hero is still brave enough to gunsling his way into a new arena.
We all have to do it.  We all reach the age where we have enough experience behind us to be the expert, but still feel the push from the up and comers nipping at our heels to get out of the way so they can have a chance to run things.  Sadly, few make the change in a graceful way, no matter what arena. 
I hope Bret has success.  It will be a challenge.  Not an impossible task, but one that will require help,…..and a little Favre magic.

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