Fay? No Way!

August 19, 2008

When So. Florida prepares for a storm….we dont mess around.  We get out the list, check it twice, and hunker down for the big one.

So now Im fully prepared for when something bigger comes along. 

Fay was just a test to see if I had gas in my generator, water in my garage, and batteries in my closet.  ( I dont know what all these batteries are for…but we have em).  Ive got food that I never usually eat, cleaned things that usually just hang around outside, charged up my screwgun,and have watched more news than I do all year.

Ive seen reporters

1.standing on a breezy beach,

2. trying to find street corners with water in them.

3.standing outside shelters with mentally challenged people trying to convince them to go in.(Im wondering just who was mentally challenged)

4.Looking worried as the point to the forcast map with that “Tracking Fay” music going on behind them.

We dodged another bullet.  Prepared to deflect the next one that comes our way.  Ah ….So. Florida life!


One Response to “Fay? No Way!”

  1. bryonm Says:

    it’s nice to watch it on TV instead of out my window…

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