After Further Review

November 10, 2007

At halfway through the season here are some things that I thought (or hoped) would be different.

1. I thought that Brett Favre would be embarrassing himself in his last season.

2.I hoped that Lane Kiffin would have the Raiders at least at a competitive level.

3. I thought that the Patriots scheme of hiring a bunch of stars would backfire on them and ruin their “team” concept.

4. I thought that Peyton Manning would make my fantasy team a “shoe in” for first place.

5. I thought that Randy Moss would stink as bad as he did with the Raiders.

6. I thought that Ladanian Tomlinson would be in every highlight show.

7. I thought that Trent Green was going to be that quarterback that reminded Miami of the glory days.

8. I thought that when I bought my tickets to the Thanksgiving day game in Atlanta, that Micheal Vick would be up against Peyton Manning.

9. I thought that Adrian Peterson was going to be a bust  due to his lingering foot injury that was bothering him around draft time.

10. I thought that Jamarcus Russell would be well on his way to becoming the best quarterback in Raider history.

Oh well…..what do I know.


After Further Review….

October 9, 2007

Do you ever wish you could have done things differently? 

Hopefully we can live AND learn.

From time to time, Ill think of something that I wished I’d done….or not done.

Here’s one:

I wished that I would have been more verbal about my stand on things instead of always being the peacemaker.   Ive always been like that.  Always trying to end conflict. 

What about you?