Sure of Your Call

September 12, 2007

Are you sure that you’re where you are supposed to be?

Did God call you to do what you are doing now?

If He didnt, why are you there?

If He did, has He released you from that call?

If not, quit whining and get back to work.

If so, …….Go!

(This is exactly why I don’t counsel on a regular basis)


No Labor Today

September 3, 2007

Monday holidays always fall on my normal day off.  So it doesnt really seem like a holiday, except Skylar is off with us today.  Its always a blast when he is at home.

So happy have a happy holiday and enjoy your families.


August 15, 2007

Excuses……I’ve got a few. 

Too little time, Too much to do.

Tasks and to-do lists

Have my mind in a fog

I just cant seem, to write posts for my blog!

Remodeled the spare room

Went fishing in the Keys

You see, Ive been doing, whatever I please.

So excuse my excuses,

for making this monotonous

You might just be thinking,

That Rod has forgotten-us.

I wish I could say

that I will write with more conviction,

But truthfully, ….probably not!

At least, that’s my prediction!

I Wonder

July 7, 2007

I wonder as I wander, out under the sky
How Jesus the savior, did come for to die
For poor on’ry people like you and like I
I wonder as I wander, out under the sky

You may have never heard this old Appalachian carol, but it certainly still rings true today.  For all our modern conveniences, technology, creature comforts, and financial success, we remain……..on’ry.

You don’t hear that word a lot……but it doesn’t make it any less true,  we are a bunch of on’ry people.

And yet, despite our on’ry-ness, Jesus came and died for us anyway.

I wonder.

Mad Church Disease

July 1, 2007

If you are in ministry, and have ever seen the effects of burnout or sin, (that means everybody in ministry!), then you have to go check this out.

Anne Jackson is writing a book called Mad Church Disease.  We all deal with it, have it, and don’t want to talk about it.

Pray for Anne ane those who have signed up to be her “trailblazers” to research this project.

Is it just me or…..

1.   ……is summer getting shorter every year?

2.   ……is the price of gas and the hassle of flying making summer vacation a real pain?

3.  ……are all the candidates for President a little on the goofy side?

4.  ……is there more chatter about your favorite flavor of Christianity than actually talking about Jesus?

5.  ……are the people in South Florida taking grumpy pills?

6.  ……does the thought of Hillary Clinton as president want to make you move to Basra? 

7.  ……do your pants fit tighter too?

8.  ……does your Hi-Definition channels seem to make all your other channels really fuzzy?

9.  ……do all your socks seem to get a little hole right on the tip of your big toe?

10. ……does everybody like their shorts with the really wide waistband so it doesn’t bend in the middle and flip over?

Just wondering.

Hang on tight?  That’s what you usually hear ……right? 

You’re the “make it happen”, hold on for the ride type of person aren’t you?

You probably have a plan, working the plan, and planning on succeeding……right?

What if God changes your plans?   Are you still okay with that?

There are ebbs and flows of how God chooses to interact in our lives, and I for one, am usually ebbing with I should be flowing.  Just about the time that I think I have it down, God throws a monkey wrench in my well conceived plan.

My plan.

The one I so masterfully designed, manipulated and elegantly put in place.  I mean….what could He be thinking?

There have been a few times in my life when God has whispered these words into my ears,  “Hold on to things loosely“.

To me that means, that He has a plan that right now, I don’t understand……but will soon. 

So my white knuckled clench is loosening.  My shoulders are starting to drop from there tensed position.  The corners of my mouth are starting to turn back upward.  All of this because I know that its my job to trust Him, its His job to run the universe.

Ahhhh…. My job just got easier.

Phoenix Preacher-Gone?

May 31, 2007

The blog “Phoenix Preacher”, who devoted itself to outing every whisper of foul play within Chaple-dom, seems to have closed its doors.

The post today waves a cryptic good-bye to its readers, stating that “sadness and grief” are overcoming the author but all the while thanking the readers.

Im not sure why its gone.  I didnt keep up on it every day.  In fact, most Calvary guys dont admit to reading it. 

All I know is that it provided a universal place for griping, complaining, tattle-tale-ing, and outing……along with some solid attempts at ministering to those that were hurting.

Im sure that someone else will soon provide a place for those who need to share their pain and wag their tongues. 


May 30, 2007

Ever need to be reminded of who is in control?  Most of you are control freaks, so giving up control is totally opposite of the way that you are wired.  I know guys that always have to guide the conversation, be in the drivers seat, or have the last word.

So heres a thought for all of you “type A” personalities.  Give it up.   Just walk away.  Let it crash. 

What?  Do you really think that God needs you to accomplish His work?

Of course you dont want to be irresponsible in your duties.  But the truth is God doesnt need you.

You need Him.