All is Right with The Planet

September 25, 2007

Have you felt it?  Its like some great harmonic convergence in the universe.  All is right with the planet. 

The Raiders got a win.

Suddenly the boy genius Lane Kiffin, taking a late game cue from Mike Shanahan, has his first NFL win. 

In a AFC West division that is newly vulnerable, hope has raised its weary head in Raiderdom. 

This Fins are next, and I will be at the game wearing my Raider pride.  The possibility of landing at 2-2 after the Dolphins is optimistic, but certainly within reach. 

Imagine that, the Raiders at .500!

I can dream can’t I?

So close ……yet so far away.   The Raiders were a milisecond from victory when the hated Mike Shanahan called a time out….just in time to have to re-kick the winning field goal.

Positive take aways-

1. Josh McKown is a fighter.  With a cracked finger on his throwing hand and a bum foot, he never gave up and took the lead.

2. Lane Kiffin is the real deal.  He had the team prepared to go into the most hostile of territories for a Raider ………and play very well.

3. Lamar Jordan- 158 yrds against the Denver defense.  Awesome.


1. Jerry Porter is a wimp.  He didnt even try to lay out to catch a sure touchdown, AND he didnt fight for the ball when the defender took it away from him.  No wonder he gets himself in the doghouse.

2. Turnovers and Penalties…..still too many.


The Silver and Black are on their way back.  But they arent there yet!

Kiffin is the New Gruden

September 14, 2007

Lane KiffinFor the first time since our blessed holy father John Gruden left Oakland, there is joy in Oaktown.

Kiffin……Boy Wonder…..Son of Monte……has rallied the troops, and stands at the helm of the Ghost Ship Autumn Wind. 

All that he is missing is a “bristling black mustache”.

Its only a matter of time until his first win.  It will come.  The spirit has returned, if not the mystique.

It too, will soon prowl the sideline.

Raider Nation, The Black Hole, Just Win Baby, Commitment to Excellence…. terms that the rest of the NFL will begin to blow the dust from,  and which the sound of will soon echo across the land.

At least at the Pearcy house.

Prediction Analysis

September 12, 2007

So if you combine my last two predictions, the one where I say that Daunte is the starter, and the one where Jamarcus signs, then I was 100% correct.

But, if you add the part where Daunte is cut, I am 100% wrong.

At any rate, Daunte will probably be starting this week since McKown injured his throwing hand on the last play of the Detroit game.

Eviction Prediction

September 8, 2007

I believe that Daunte Culpepper will get evicted from the Raiders……today.

Yep.   I think that today is the day that Jamarcus Russell will sign his contract, making way for the Raiders to cut Daunte and give his 2.5 million dollar cap room to Jamarcus. 

You see Daunte’s contract stipulates that if he is on the roster by midnight tonight, he is guaranteed 3.5 million this year, instead of the just under 1 million that he signed for during training camp.

It sounds cruel, cunning and unscrupulous……..just like a Raider.

Russell and the Raiders met most of the day yesterday and emerged “closer” to a deal.  I would expect an official announcement later today.

Of course, all of this could fall through and the Raiders could find themselves embroiled even deeper in the Jamarcus Jambalaya holdout……uh…..just like a Raider.

A New Holiday

September 7, 2007

Several years ago the Pearcy house officially added the Super Bowl to the short list of National Holidays.  We do it up big.  Its important to us.

Its now official…..we have added the opening day of the NFL to the list.  And so has the rest of America.  Did you see that opening show?  John Melloncamp, Faith Hill, and That American Idol Chick….(whats her name?).  They really did it up! 

The city of Indianapolis really did a great job in welcoming their world champions back!  Congrats Indy!

Peyton Manning and the Colts (sounds like a sixties soul group), left no question unanswered….they are still great.

I know Ive been heavy on the football posts this week……….Ill get too more “serious” things………..later.

Countdown to Kickoff

September 5, 2007

Its tomorrow you know.  The beginning of the 07-08 season is upon us.

I listed the things that Ill miss during the season, but here are the things I’m looking forward to.

1. Knowing exactly where Ill be on Sundays from 1:00-11:00, Monday nights, and some Thursdays…and some Saturdays.

2. Burning out the lamp on my 56 inch Samsung DLP.

3.Wings, Nachos, Hot Dogs, My famous Wolfgang Puck Chili, and Jumbo Peanuts.(Sunday is the beginning of free day for me during the season)

4. Throwing passes with Skylar during every commercial.(which is a real task to find when you have NFL Sunday Ticket)

5. Having my two favorite people, Dawnie and Skylar, just as happy to be watching football as I am.

6. Taking my mind off work.

7. Seeing who emerges as the surprise player or team of the year.

8. Playing in my 2 fantasy leagues, weekly friendly wagers(for no money) with my buddy David, and our new suicide league.

9. Attending the Raider-Dolphin game, and the Thanksgiving Day game in Atlanta.

10. Seeing my son learn more about the game, and sharing in our  mutual love of the game.