Red Necked and Proud

July 30, 2007

Red Necked PastorsAnother blogger, Tony McCollum started a very cool group on facebook called red-necked pastors

Tony has a great blog and is the pastor of Fusion Church .  Check him out


Mad Church Disease

July 1, 2007

If you are in ministry, and have ever seen the effects of burnout or sin, (that means everybody in ministry!), then you have to go check this out.

Anne Jackson is writing a book called Mad Church Disease.  We all deal with it, have it, and don’t want to talk about it.

Pray for Anne ane those who have signed up to be her “trailblazers” to research this project.

1.My buddy, Bob Franquiz wins my prize…..because he mentioned me.

2. Terry Storch and are leading the way with the Internet Campus

3. Tony McCollum wins the honesty award.

4. Kem Meyer sobers us up.

5. Tim Stevens has some awesome interview questions.

6. Tony Morgan gives us some blog/church similarities.

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