September 18, 2008


September 5, 2008

I dont really, but I like our chances of getting hit by him.

There is something about being in the “cone of concern”,that induces fear, panic, and a flurry of activity trying to prepare.D

We seem to forget that we are in Gods “Cone of Concern” all the time.  In fact he keeps track of every hair on my head.

Fay? No Way!

August 19, 2008

When So. Florida prepares for a storm….we dont mess around.  We get out the list, check it twice, and hunker down for the big one.

So now Im fully prepared for when something bigger comes along. 

Fay was just a test to see if I had gas in my generator, water in my garage, and batteries in my closet.  ( I dont know what all these batteries are for…but we have em).  Ive got food that I never usually eat, cleaned things that usually just hang around outside, charged up my screwgun,and have watched more news than I do all year.

Ive seen reporters

1.standing on a breezy beach,

2. trying to find street corners with water in them.

3.standing outside shelters with mentally challenged people trying to convince them to go in.(Im wondering just who was mentally challenged)

4.Looking worried as the point to the forcast map with that “Tracking Fay” music going on behind them.

We dodged another bullet.  Prepared to deflect the next one that comes our way.  Ah ….So. Florida life!

Jet Brett

August 7, 2008

Check it to the Jets!
Check it to the Jets!

Some things aren’t supposed to change. 

Oreo’s are always Black and White
Thanksgiving is on a Thursday
Its Hot in the Summer…and
Brett Favre wears Green and Gold
There is something about Brett Favre going to the Jets that is both frightening and exciting.  Frightening to think that an icon that we have become so familiar with as a Packer, is now shaking our world as a Jet, but exciting to see that our middle aged hero is still brave enough to gunsling his way into a new arena.
We all have to do it.  We all reach the age where we have enough experience behind us to be the expert, but still feel the push from the up and comers nipping at our heels to get out of the way so they can have a chance to run things.  Sadly, few make the change in a graceful way, no matter what arena. 
I hope Bret has success.  It will be a challenge.  Not an impossible task, but one that will require help,…..and a little Favre magic.

Upon Futher Review

July 29, 2008

Yesterday I posted a video in frustration over an opinion that another blog had about the way that Pastor Bob presented communion this weekend. 

I have removed that post and video.

I choose to leave others to their own opinions.

Pre Easter Attacks

March 16, 2008

It seems that every year around Christmas and Easter….we get attacked.

The flu bug has hit CCFL.

Pastor Bob has it pretty bad, so please pray.  We all know that the enemy doesnt want next week to happen, because many more will enter the kingdom.

If you get a minute please pray for Bob.

Fantasy Football

September 21, 2007

Crimson TithersHeres my new team name.