Bob Jamz

October 12, 2007

What does it really mean to be “In Christ“?


October 5, 2007

The media team at CCFL just completed a new tool for evangelism call Your

It forces us to stop and realize that our life is just a vapor, and our opportunity to do something with it is quickly slipping away.

Its got a blog attached so we can begin to develop community and conversation….so go there now!



July 22, 2007

Do you have a Facebook?  I’ve been playing with it the last week.  It seems like a good central location to both have your blog text and communicate about other subjects.

Here’s my facebook , it only takes a minute to register so you can have you own page, and see mine.  You’ll notice, I only have one friend…(sounds pitiful doesn’t it?), so wont you be my friend?