What are YOU doing?

December 16, 2007

Don’t know how to get involved in a Christmas Outreach?

We’ve provided a list of events that our church will be “showing up” for in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

My family took part in a couple of outreach opportunities this week at some nursing homes.  Its amazing to see how just a few minutes of sharing Jesus with someone, (as a family), brings back that “Christmas Spirit” feeling that you thought was long gone.

It doesnt have to be difficult or expensive.

You dont have to be a Bible scholar.

You just have to share the gifts that God has already given you.

Go for it!


Christmas inside out

December 7, 2007

This year at CCFL we are doing Christmas inside out.  We usually do the big stadium thing.  Great music, lights, big crowd…its lots of fun.

This year we arent inviting the city to our big party.  We are dropping in on theirs. 

We’re visiting over 65 families in need, giving them a decorated Christmas tree and gifts for their entire family.  We are dropping in on business Christmas parties, public events, homeless hangouts, malls, foster homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and literally taking Christmas to the city.

Its refreshing.

Its contagious.

Its community.

It works.

Its sharing the miracle of what Jesus did.  Not just handing out candy canes and saying God bless you.  Its sharing the Gospel in a tangible way, to those in need and those with plenty.

I Love Christmas time!

December 6, 2007

christmas-1.jpgIts a Pearcy family tradition to set up the tree, the train and decorate the house the weekend after thanksgiving.  We look forward to it every year, and it seems to give us enough time to enjoy the season.

My son Skylar has been saying for weeks “I Love Christmas time”.  His voice always has a special joy in it when he says that phrase, and I love hearing it.  I love hearing it because it helps me remember that I love it too, and I need the reminder.

I need the reminder because all the other junk seems to take over.  The lists, the duties, the church services, the pressure!

I love the excitement of the anticipation of Christmas.  The same anticipation that we should all feel at being in the presence of Jesus.  He is our gift. 

Just a reminder.

Long Lost Family Members

November 10, 2007

David PearcyI’ve  just reunited (by email at least) with one of my cousins that I dont believe that I’ve spoken with since I was in the fourth grade.  Thats my cousin David in the picture.

I have only 4 first cousins, on my Dad’s side.  My Mom was an only child, but had a pretty large extended family that lived closer to us.   We really never got to spend much time with our first cousins that lived in Texas. (we lived in Las Vegas).

Since they are on my Dad’s side, they are the only cousins that share the same last name.  There arent that many Pearcy’s on the planet, so when you find one…its kind of a special deal…….at least to us Pearcy’s.

The older you get, the more you realize that family is special…..whether you know them very well or not.  Im looking forward to getting to know them better!

After Further Review

November 10, 2007

At halfway through the season here are some things that I thought (or hoped) would be different.

1. I thought that Brett Favre would be embarrassing himself in his last season.

2.I hoped that Lane Kiffin would have the Raiders at least at a competitive level.

3. I thought that the Patriots scheme of hiring a bunch of stars would backfire on them and ruin their “team” concept.

4. I thought that Peyton Manning would make my fantasy team a “shoe in” for first place.

5. I thought that Randy Moss would stink as bad as he did with the Raiders.

6. I thought that Ladanian Tomlinson would be in every highlight show.

7. I thought that Trent Green was going to be that quarterback that reminded Miami of the glory days.

8. I thought that when I bought my tickets to the Thanksgiving day game in Atlanta, that Micheal Vick would be up against Peyton Manning.

9. I thought that Adrian Peterson was going to be a bust  due to his lingering foot injury that was bothering him around draft time.

10. I thought that Jamarcus Russell would be well on his way to becoming the best quarterback in Raider history.

Oh well…..what do I know.

Calling them Out

October 17, 2007

If you haven’t heard this yet you need to.  It’s Mark Driscoll at the Southern Baptist Convention . 

He’s called out some of the top guns of the emergent movement. 

Bob Jamz

October 12, 2007

What does it really mean to be “In Christ“?

Is It Just Me???? ….or

October 10, 2007

Is It Just Me????……or

1. Is summer lasting longer this year?

2. Are there more finger pointers around lately?

3. Are there more self-appointed watchdogs than humble servants?

4. Does it take longer to get off the couch  than it used to?

5. That tender skin just under your eyes loosing its elasticity too?

6. Does your underwear get smaller before it wears out?

7. Do you think about staying at home because its too much work to travel?

8. Would you rather stay home than go out?

Just wondering.

After Further Review….

October 9, 2007

Do you ever wish you could have done things differently? 

Hopefully we can live AND learn.

From time to time, Ill think of something that I wished I’d done….or not done.

Here’s one:

I wished that I would have been more verbal about my stand on things instead of always being the peacemaker.   Ive always been like that.  Always trying to end conflict. 

What about you?

I Appreciate My Wife!

October 8, 2007

My beautiful wife Dawn just returned from spending a long weekend with 8 of her friends in Highlands, North Carolina.  She has been doing “birthday lunches” with this group for over ten years.  This is the second time that they have made an out of town trip.

Since Thursday when she left, I have been made painfully aware of all she does for Skylar and I. 

Between picking him up from school, getting him to two of his football games, birthday shopping for a party that we went to on Sunday afternoon, school projects, thank you cards for his birthday, making lunches, doing laundry, attempting to clean, getting meals, getting Skylar ready for school and church, taking him with me to work……..Im exhausted!!!

Did you know that my wife has great vision?  She can see microscopic ants crawling on our counter that I missed all weekend! 

She can see grass left on the kitchen floor that Skylar and I tracked in from his football games.

She can see the 4 water glasses that I left by the bed, that somehow missed my sight.

She can make a bed better than Martha Stewart….(you dont really need to make it if nobody’s looking).

I love you Dawnie!!!  We are glad you’re home!!!!