October 5, 2007

The media team at CCFL just completed a new tool for evangelism call Your

It forces us to stop and realize that our life is just a vapor, and our opportunity to do something with it is quickly slipping away.

Its got a blog attached so we can begin to develop community and conversation….so go there now!


Two Touchdown Day

October 5, 2007

QuarterbackSkylar scored two running touchdowns on Wednesday night against the Buccaneers.  Both were about 60 yds.  He capped off the first with a perfect dive into the endzone.  Arms outstretched…..just like the Daunte Culpepper dive this past weekend.

My voice is still not back in shape from screaming.

I love that kid.

Lost Crusaders

October 3, 2007

Ive been dealing with some Lost Crusaders this week.

Christians that have lost their way, finding their identity in trying to trash ours.

Its sad really, that good men, who want to uphold Christs values have turned instead to puffing themselves up, pretending to be watchdogs of us all.

I won’t name them, or talk to them, (there is no reasoning with an unreasonable person)…..just pray for them.

A Day At The Game

October 1, 2007

[rockyou id=85840211&w=400&h=300]


October 1, 2007

daunte-touchdown.jpgI was at the game.  I saw it with my own eyes.  The Dolphins should have gotten a clue with the type of thunder and lightning and rain that started the game. 

Jordan was the thunder.  Fargas was the lightening.  Culpepper reigned supreme over the team that discarded him like a drenched towel.

It was glorious.   It was the most fun that I’ve had a Raider game in a long, long, long, long time.  It was Skylars first non preseason game that he’s been to, and he enjoyed every second.  (Except for a brief moment of Dolphin exuberance as they chanted “Raiders Suck”, that really bothered him.)  The kid has loyalty to his team like I haven’t seen.

They are 2-2 and tied for the lead in the AFC west.  Its a tough road, but Ill take my moment of satisfaction when I can get it.

Punt, Pass, and Kick

September 26, 2007

Skylar got an awesome opportunity last night go get some excellent instruction from some current Dolphin players at their “bubble”.

Jay Feely-Kicker, Cleo Lemon-Quarterback, John Denney- Long Snapper, and Brandon Fields- Punter were on hand to provide a quick class in each of their specialties to about 100 kids.

It was great opportunity, and he had a blast, and so did I.

All is Right with The Planet

September 25, 2007

Have you felt it?  Its like some great harmonic convergence in the universe.  All is right with the planet. 

The Raiders got a win.

Suddenly the boy genius Lane Kiffin, taking a late game cue from Mike Shanahan, has his first NFL win. 

In a AFC West division that is newly vulnerable, hope has raised its weary head in Raiderdom. 

This Fins are next, and I will be at the game wearing my Raider pride.  The possibility of landing at 2-2 after the Dolphins is optimistic, but certainly within reach. 

Imagine that, the Raiders at .500!

I can dream can’t I?

Fantasy Football

September 21, 2007

Crimson TithersHeres my new team name.

Un-Loved and Un-Important

September 20, 2007

Ever notice how a simple word of encouragement lightens the heart?

People just want to be liked……no matter how much they say that they don’t.

Its in our genes.  We love us.  We are always on our minds.  We wish that everybody thought about us as much as we do.

In fact, we wouldnt worry so much about what people think about us, if we realized how little they do. 

I find it a constant challenge to communicate love and importance to our staff in a way that is genuine and consistent. I dont always do it well, but notice the benefits when Ido.

Make today “encouragement day”!

So close ……yet so far away.   The Raiders were a milisecond from victory when the hated Mike Shanahan called a time out….just in time to have to re-kick the winning field goal.

Positive take aways-

1. Josh McKown is a fighter.  With a cracked finger on his throwing hand and a bum foot, he never gave up and took the lead.

2. Lane Kiffin is the real deal.  He had the team prepared to go into the most hostile of territories for a Raider ………and play very well.

3. Lamar Jordan- 158 yrds against the Denver defense.  Awesome.


1. Jerry Porter is a wimp.  He didnt even try to lay out to catch a sure touchdown, AND he didnt fight for the ball when the defender took it away from him.  No wonder he gets himself in the doghouse.

2. Turnovers and Penalties…..still too many.


The Silver and Black are on their way back.  But they arent there yet!