Long Lost Family Members

November 10, 2007

David PearcyI’ve  just reunited (by email at least) with one of my cousins that I dont believe that I’ve spoken with since I was in the fourth grade.  Thats my cousin David in the picture.

I have only 4 first cousins, on my Dad’s side.  My Mom was an only child, but had a pretty large extended family that lived closer to us.   We really never got to spend much time with our first cousins that lived in Texas. (we lived in Las Vegas).

Since they are on my Dad’s side, they are the only cousins that share the same last name.  There arent that many Pearcy’s on the planet, so when you find one…its kind of a special deal…….at least to us Pearcy’s.

The older you get, the more you realize that family is special…..whether you know them very well or not.  Im looking forward to getting to know them better!


One Response to “Long Lost Family Members”

  1. david pearcy Says:

    merry xmas from my famiy. hope your fred is doing ok. i need to give him a call. anyway got love PEARCY’S.

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