Raider Fans

We all are fans of something.  Be it sports, tv, music, food, technology or whatever, we all are drawn to SOMETHING!

My son has a new blog.  Its because he’s grown into an awesome fan of the Raiders.  In fact, Raider Fans are ALL awesome fans. 

Its because they have chosen to relate somehow to not only the game of football, but to some attribute that they find in the Raiders, that they also recognize in themselves.

Now not everyone can relate to the outlandish, ghoulish costumes, but some of you do.

More of you probably relate to the cast off,  washed up rebel that somehow redeems himself in a new environment.  Even more of your probably long for the good old days, much like the Raiders of old.

But most all of you relate to something that is not as visible as the costumes, the rebels, the cast offs, the cheaters, or maniacs. 

Its hope.

We ALL long for that feeling that something better is coming.  That feeling of a glimmer of hope that somehow we will persevere, and even succeed. 

So what kind of fan are you?  One that is faithful only during victory?  Or one that stays loyal through thick and thin?

Jesus is that friend that stays closer than a brother, in fact, He will never leave us or forsake us.  It sounds like He is a great fan…..of us.




Skylar Loves Football

March 11, 2008


1.With Roy Williams of the Lions

2.Hall of Famer Harry Carson

3. Asking Shawn Alexander a question

4. Adam Vinatieri

5. Bob Sanders from the Colts

6. Gary Brackett from the Colts

7. Brant Gumbel- Announcer

8. Adam Schefter- Announcer from the NFL Network

9. Coach Dungy

10 and 11. Skylar Running for a touchdown!

What are YOU doing?

December 16, 2007

Don’t know how to get involved in a Christmas Outreach?

We’ve provided a list of events that our church will be “showing up” for in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

My family took part in a couple of outreach opportunities this week at some nursing homes.  Its amazing to see how just a few minutes of sharing Jesus with someone, (as a family), brings back that “Christmas Spirit” feeling that you thought was long gone.

It doesnt have to be difficult or expensive.

You dont have to be a Bible scholar.

You just have to share the gifts that God has already given you.

Go for it!

Long Lost Family Members

November 10, 2007

David PearcyI’ve  just reunited (by email at least) with one of my cousins that I dont believe that I’ve spoken with since I was in the fourth grade.  Thats my cousin David in the picture.

I have only 4 first cousins, on my Dad’s side.  My Mom was an only child, but had a pretty large extended family that lived closer to us.   We really never got to spend much time with our first cousins that lived in Texas. (we lived in Las Vegas).

Since they are on my Dad’s side, they are the only cousins that share the same last name.  There arent that many Pearcy’s on the planet, so when you find one…its kind of a special deal…….at least to us Pearcy’s.

The older you get, the more you realize that family is special…..whether you know them very well or not.  Im looking forward to getting to know them better!

I Appreciate My Wife!

October 8, 2007

My beautiful wife Dawn just returned from spending a long weekend with 8 of her friends in Highlands, North Carolina.  She has been doing “birthday lunches” with this group for over ten years.  This is the second time that they have made an out of town trip.

Since Thursday when she left, I have been made painfully aware of all she does for Skylar and I. 

Between picking him up from school, getting him to two of his football games, birthday shopping for a party that we went to on Sunday afternoon, school projects, thank you cards for his birthday, making lunches, doing laundry, attempting to clean, getting meals, getting Skylar ready for school and church, taking him with me to work……..Im exhausted!!!

Did you know that my wife has great vision?  She can see microscopic ants crawling on our counter that I missed all weekend! 

She can see grass left on the kitchen floor that Skylar and I tracked in from his football games.

She can see the 4 water glasses that I left by the bed, that somehow missed my sight.

She can make a bed better than Martha Stewart….(you dont really need to make it if nobody’s looking).

I love you Dawnie!!!  We are glad you’re home!!!!

Two Touchdown Day

October 5, 2007

QuarterbackSkylar scored two running touchdowns on Wednesday night against the Buccaneers.  Both were about 60 yds.  He capped off the first with a perfect dive into the endzone.  Arms outstretched…..just like the Daunte Culpepper dive this past weekend.

My voice is still not back in shape from screaming.

I love that kid.

A Day At The Game

October 1, 2007

[rockyou id=85840211&w=400&h=300]


July 13, 2007

DaveyMy buddy David has been here visiting all week.  We are more like brothers than friends.  We have had a blast just hanging out.  We used to sing together back in the day, and our friendship has remained close even though we are 3000 miles apart.

So when he leaves tomorrow, ….even though I will miss him, Ill be grateful that our friendship makes the miles seem shorter.

Jesus is that friend that is “closer than a brother”.  Though the miles at times seem long, …..he is close enough to hear us whisper

A Family Fourth

July 4, 2007

 This is why I live in Florida.  Here are a few pics of Skylar and his cousin Taylor at the beach.

 [rockyou id=75833709&w=400&h=300]


June 26, 2007

These last 2 weeks have been devoted to forgetting. 

Forgetting the millions of details of the things that go on at work, and concentrating on the family that God gave me.

Sometimes it has worked…..sometimes not.  I am constantly drawn to answer email, so that something doesnt get missed.  But for the most part, my attention has been on spending some great time with Dawn and Skylar…….and it has been a blast.

I think that I need to forget more often

Phil. 3: 13-14